Wednesday, February 29, 2012

DC Sail

DC Sail has been working with the AU Sailing Team and AU Club Sports in an effort to expand our program. Here's a little information about the great program going on down on the DC waterfront!

DC Sail is a part of the National Maritime Heritage Foundation, who are dedicated to providing and promoting youth involvement in maritime programs. DC Sail is the Community Sailing Center part of that program.

They offer a number of programs, including a high school sailing team, summer programs, and memberships for grown-ups. DC Sail also offers a week-long summer sailing program for older students on the schooner American Spirit.

We're having a great time working out a potential partnership with DC Sail that will include mutual benefits for all of us. As the AU Sailing team is figuring out the logistics of our expanding team, we look forward to all the support we can give and get from DC Sail!