Monday, March 5, 2012

3/5/12 Sailing Team Meeting Minutes

-by Adam Taube: Rear Commodore/Secretary
·         Sailing team sweatshirt
o   $33 for the basic sweatshirt
§  Has a burgee on the front
§  For $5 extra, you can get it on the back too
§  The price will continue to go down as more people order
·         check your email later because we’re going to be forming a contact sheet
o   available for everyone
·         Get your dues paid because we really need the money to pay for traveling to regattas
o   Pay lisa or brian asap
o   You will not be able to sail until you pay dues

·         We can’t practice this week because Georgetown is on spring break
·         Paul is scheduling practices
o   We fill out the schedule on a weekly basis
o   Don’t sign up if you have a test or something and are going to flake
o   If you miss 2 practices without an excuse, you wont be sailing the next semester
·         Get Auto-Certified! There are classes that are free!
o   It will really help us get to practices
·         Everyone needs to take personal responsibility with their personal sailing experience
o   We need to know how experienced you are so that we know whether you need to practice!
o   There’s nothing wrong with being new or if you’ve forgotten some stuff
o   The only person you will hurt is yourself or your team
o   Brian is going to setup a written test to try to analyze where everyone on the team is at. We have to know roughly what level people are so we can match people to practice or race together.
§  This will probably be soon after spring break
·         For upcoming regattas, check the googledoc we put out early this semester
·         All paperwork must be in before you sail