Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Sailing team minutes 4/16/2012

·      Jolie Roetter
o   Kogod abroad advisor
o   Excited about supporting us!  And has some previous sailing experience with lasers
·      Rigging clinic went well
o   Everyone who went got some experience with 420’s
o   Great day out on the water

o   We’re going to try and make this a weekly thing on either Mondays or Saturdays if Callahan lets us
·      Sign up for practices these next few weeks
o   The weather is going to be GREAT
·      Those of you who took the test: generally went very well
o   To those who didn’t do so hot, we’ll help you get better so you can take a new test next semester
·      New executive board nominations!
o   Voting next meeting in two weeks on April 30th
o   President, VP, Secretary, and Treasurer all require at least a semester on the team
o   Email lisa if you want to run and you didn’t say so in the meeting
·      Not going to Drexel this year probably
o   We’ll know by Friday
·      We also had to pull out of the Women’s Regatta
·      We are however, still on for Jeremy Pinkerton
o   We want to send people up to Annapolis to watch
o   Navy is hosting
·      Team Dinner/Banquet
o   May 1st
o   We’re thinking of pooling money and going to Costco and eating together on lisa’s rooftop deck.
o   Emily will send out an email with more details
o   Possibly grilling?
·      Lisa will email people going to Pinkerton and settle details
Current Eboard Nominations

Emily D
Jarrod A
Seth Y (as a maybe)
Paul (as a maybe)

Sarah J
Billy K
Peter H
Katie H