Monday, April 2, 2012

Meeting Minutes April 4th 2012

Adam Taube

We only have a meeting once every two weeks, so when we do have meetings, we expect you to be there! If you don’t come to team meetings, you don’t really have any influence in the team and fall behind on our goings-on. My minutes are good, but they are not a substitute for coming!! If you did not attend, be sure to review the video below:
o   Basic racing rules
·       Everyone on eboard will be transitioning their position in a couple weeks
·       DC sail is still an option as far as practicing goes
o   It’s more expensive than having our own boats, but gives us as opportunity to practice even when Georgetown isn’t
·       Team Dinner
o   Metro-accessible, waterfront restaurant
o   The night of may 1st (study day)
·       Anne Kaiser is our new faculty advisor
o   Oversee executive board and help the team

·       We have scheduled a chalk talk and a test on next Monday
o   6:45pm (be there on time!!) and 8:00pm respectfully
o   New members, or those who receive email notification, must take test!
o   It’s to test your knowledge of basic sailing and racing
o   if you can’t make it, shoot lisa an email
o   the chalk talk will give you all the answers so that you understand the material
·       Rigging clinic on 4/15, 2 pm
·       AU club council is looking for VP and other positions
o   Lisa will send more info via email
·       Nominations for team Executive Board next meeting
o   A list of positions and descriptions will be sent out soon
o   Everything but president and VP are available for new members to run for
o   Speeches and votes are on april 30th
·       If you want to sail and compete aggressively, you should be scheduling so that 2:30-6 is free on AT LEAST one day per week
o   Please keep practices in mind while registering
o   We can’t add people to the schedule after the deadline
·       Women’s regatta is pretty much locked, but send lisa an email if you want to go or have an update on your status of attendance
·       Volunteer opportunity on the Saturday april 28th
o   Patomic river keeper organization
o   DC sail is hosting
o   Off of waterfront metro stop
o   Fundraising regatta
o   They’re looking for volunteers to help run it and you get free admittance to the event and a t-shirt
o   3 hour shift, then you can just hang out or take your friends out sailing (super fun)
o   If interested, contact nick

And that’s all folks. TL;DR: boats are cool, but great yatching comes with great responsibility.